Terms & Conditions

Set out below are the terms on which Skin Lumino provides services to its clients at BeautiPhi Medispa. Please ensure that you have read and fully understood these terms and conditions prior to booking any Skin Lumino treatment.

  1. Deposits Policy
  • All single treatments and courses of treatment booked require payment of a non-refundable deposit to secure the appointment slot and any offers, promotions, or discounts being used.
  • Failure to pay the deposit in time may forfeit the requested appointment slot. Offers, promotions and discounts that have expired before the deposit has been paid will also be forfeit.
  • Single treatments require a 50% deposit. Courses of treatment require a 25% deposit.
  • Deposits are to ensure we are covered for no-shows and last minute cancellations. Laser deposits also cover patch-test appointments
  • Treatment consultations for all services are available for free on Thursdays. On all other days, a deposit of £25 must be paid upon booking. This is redeemable against treatments and products purchased on the day of the appointment
  • Remainder of fees are payable at the first treatment session, unless a payment plan has been agreed at management’s discretion or is a finance plan has been arranged and initiated with Payl8r.
  • If payment is made in full, the corresponding proportion will be allocated as a non-refundable deposit
  1. Refunds & Cancellation Policy
  • Deposits for consultations, single treatments, and courses of treatment may be refunded in certain circumstances as outlined in this policy
  • Cancellations for consultations require at least 3 working days’ notice (Tuesday to Saturday) before the booked appointment slot to be eligible for a refund of the deposit. Last minute cancellations (3 days or less) may be rescheduled only once before the deposit is forfeit. No-shows will forfeit the deposit. Last minute cancellations or no-shows for free consultations on Thursdays will be charged a deposit to reschedule with the same terms
  • Cancellations for single treatments require at least 3 working days’ notice (Tuesday to Saturday) before the booked appointment slot to be eligible for a refund of the deposit. Deposits for appointments with last minute cancellations (3 days or less) or no-shows will not be refunded. However, all deposits are transferrable to a new appointment slot, up to 3 appointment slots in total, before the deposit is forfeit.
  • Deposits for consultations, single treatments or courses of treatment may be refunded if:
    • We cancel the appointment/course
    • There is a medical reason/contraindication to having the treatment
    • The patch test has a negative result and we’re unable to treat
    • Any other legitimate reason, at management’s discretion
  • Courses of treatment are a long term commitment. They require future bookings and allocation of time in our diary. Deposits for courses booked are only refundable within a cooling period of 7 days from the date of payment, unless the treatment has already started.
  • Refunds are unavailable for courses of treatment that have begun (i.e. first session complete) where full payment has been made. Exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances at management’s discretion.
  • Cancellations for course appointments require at least 3 working days’ notice (Tuesday to Saturday). During a course of treatment, a total of 2 last minute cancellations (3 days or less) or no-shows for appointments will be tolerated. The third time will result in forfeiting one full session from the course.
  • Any course refunds and cancellations agreed with management will be subject to a £50 admin fee to cover loss of time. Any partial refunds will be calculated by deducting the admin fee and full list price of sessions completed from the total course price.
  • Cancellation of courses of treatment partway through a payment plan will not be refunded. Instead any outstanding fees will be cancelled.
  • Courses paid through Payl8r will not be refunded by us. Refunds will be paid according to Payl8r’s terms.
  • Memberships paid through GoCardless will not be refunded, except in exceptional circumstances. Any outstanding payments will be cancelled. Clients will be eligible to claim the number of treatments paid for at the full list value, and will lose the associated discount.
  1. Appointments
  • All aestheticians at Skin Lumino are trained and qualified to provide all our treatments in accordance with our protocols. We cannot guarantee that your appointment will be booked with a named aesthetician.
  • Single appointments should be cancelled with minimum 3 days’ notice to be eligible for a full refund
  • Rescheduling appointments should be done with minimum 3 days’ notice. Rescheduling is subject to availability
  • Prior to your appointment you may be advised of any preparations. Failure to follow guidelines may result in your appointment being rescheduled.
    • To allow for social distancing, clients are asked to be considerate and arrive on time for their appointment, up to 5 minutes before their booked slot. Early arrivals will be asked to wait outside. Late arrivals will only delay other clients and the slot may be shortened or forfeit.
    • We reserve the right to cancel or postpone any appointment if you present with suspected COVID-19 symptoms
    • We will operate a controlled entry system to manage distancing between clients. Appointments will be scheduled to allow for time between slots. This reduces our availability
    • For laser appointments we ask clients to fully shave the area prior to treatment
    • Clients will be asked to comply with our safety protocols, which include wearing a face mask, having temperature recorded, and sanitising hands on arrival.
    • Clients should attend appointments alone where possible to allow distancing. Any accompanying persons should be agreed with management in advance.
  1. Payments
  • Deposits are required to secure an appointment (see Section 1)
  • Deposits can be paid via secure card payment over the phone or with cash or card in person.
  • Remainder of fees for single treatments are payable in full at the booked appointment
  • Remainder of fees for courses of treatment must be paid in full at the first treatment session, unless a payment plan has been agreed with management.
    • Courses paid in full impacted by the Coronavirus lockdown will be extended as required
  • These terms are subject to change when online booking is introduced
  1. Treatment Suitability
  • We will assess each client for suitability before carrying out any treatment.
  • Deposits will be refunded if a client is deemed unsuitable, with a reason given as to why.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all relevant medical details are provided accurately prior to each treatment. Any changes to medical details should be updated with us as soon as possible.
  • If a member of your household develops COVID-19 symptoms or tests positive 14 days post your appointment, you must follow the government guidelines and let us know.
  • If you are deemed by the government to be on the at-risk group during COVID-19, you should not attend the clinic until the government guidance advises you to do so.
  1. Liability
  • Skin Lumino will not be liable in contract, tort or otherwise for any economic loss (including, without limitation, loss of profit), or for any other special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, its provision of any goods and/or services to the client.
  • Clients will be required to read and sign a consent form prior to treatment. We are unable to provide any treatment without your written consent.
    • We now also require clients to sign an additional COVID-19 risk consent form
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he or she provide Skin Lumino with all relevant medical details prior to each treatment. We will not be liable for any damage that occurs as a result of the client’s failure to disclose such details.
  • The client agrees to comply with all instructions and/or recommendations given to them by, or on behalf of, Skin Lumino regarding the care of a treated area. Nothing in these terms of business shall exclude or limit Skin Lumino’s liability for death or any personal injury resulting from Skin Lumino’s negligence.